Spider Farmer SE7000 LED


Professional Commercial Led Grow Light


The SE series is built for those who like to push the limits. Great for close-proximity, multi-tier indoor growing, and also ideal for low-ceiling grow spaces or grow tents.
Spider Farmer SE3000/SE5000/SE7000/SE1000W led bar light, full spectrum dimmable design with Samsung LM301B diodes, high efficacy up to 2.9umol/J.

Choose Your Led Grow Light

2024 Spider Farmer® SE5000 480W Led Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B

Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 480W ; replace HPS: 600W ●PPE: 2.75umol/J ●Veg Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120CM ●Flower Coverage: 3X3FT=90X90CM

Pre-order I Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light for Commercial Indoor Grow

NOTE: It’s Pre-order now. Expected to be available from April 25, 2024 Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 730W; Replace HPS 1000W ●PPE: 2.8umol/J ●Veg Coverage: 5X5FT=150X150cm ●Flower Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120cm

Pre-order I Spider Farmer® SE3000 300W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Veg Flower

NOTE: It's pre-order now. Expected to be available from April 25th, 2024 Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 300W ; Replace HPS: 450W ●PPE: 2.75umol/J ●Veg Coverage: 3X3FT=90X90CM ●Flower Coverage: 2X2FT=70X70CM

Upgraded Spider Farmer® SE1000W LED Grow Light for Horticulture Commercial Grow

Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 1000W ●PPE: 2.9umol/ ●Veg Coverage: 5X5FT=150x150x200CM ●Flower Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120CM  
SE3000 300W
Samsung LM301B
Cover 90x90cm
PPE 2. 75umol/J
PPF 1317.4umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 450W
Suggest 4-inch Inline Fan
SE5000 480W
Samsung LM301B
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2. 8umol/J
PPF 1333umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 600W
Suggest 6-inch Inline Fan
SE7000 730W
Samsung LM301B
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2.8umol/J
PPF 1920umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 1000W
Suggest 6-inch Inline Fan
Samsung LM301B
Cover 150x150cm
PPE 2.9umol/J
PPF 2943umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 1000W
Suggest 6-inch Inline Fan

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