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Full Spectrum
LED Grow Lights.

Spider Farmer full spectrum LED grow lights are developed for plants from germination to flowering, awakening plants to sprout, accelerating plant growth and increasing plant yield. Light up your indoor garden now with Spider Farmer plant led grow lights to make growing easy and fun.

Full Spectrum.

380nm-740nm, targeted light spectrum to keep indoor plants vigorous all year round.

Lower Heat.

 LED grow lights produce less heat than traditional grow lights, reducing the need for additional cooling and helping to keep your grow room at the optimal temperature for your plants.

Higher Yield.

High light intensity penetrates the canopy and increases the density of buds for a bumper crop.

Longer Lifespan.

ETL/DLC certificated, more than 100000 hours lifespan. Longer service life than HPS grow lights.

Spider Farmer
Veg & Succulents Lights.

Attaching the solid light reflector, uniform light, and unique design for the vegetables, producing the SF300 led grow light and SF 600 led grow light with outstanding growing performance and providing higher yields and healthier vegetables to your growing.

Solid Light Reflector

Aiming at providing highlight reflectivity with less light loss.

High Efficiency Light

Complete and uniform light helps producing better plants and higher yields.

Full Spectrum

Designed for veg/succulents, more blue light added to the spectrum.

Zero Noise

No fan needed, noise free.

2 Pack Spider Farmer SF300 33W LED Grow Light For Growing Indoorgarden


Spider Farmer SF300/SF600 :  User Manual 

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2024 Newest Version Spider Farmer SF300 33W LED Grow Light For Growing Indoor garden

Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £53.99.

Spider Farmer SF300/SF600: User Manual

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Spider Farmer® SF600 growshelves Plant Stand

SF600 74W LED X 3

High Efficiency Light,complete and uniform light helps producing better plants and higher yields.

Vegteable and Flower & Fruit Modes

Vegetable mode contains blue light, white light, warm white light and partial red light. Vegteable & Fruit mode contains more red light and blue light, it is suitable for veg and fruits.

Adjustable height

Each shelf of Plant Stand is adjustable in height. This allows you to customize the height of each level to cater to the specific growth requirements of your plants, providing them with optimal light exposure and space.

Easy installation

Easy to assemble and doesn't require any additional tools. Simply follow the provided instructions for a straightforward setup process, and you'll have a sturdy plant stand ready in no time.

Eco-friendly design

The SF600 growshelves Plant Stand incorporates environmentally friendly elements. It is made from non-toxic and safe materials that promote healthy plant growth while aligning with eco-consciousness.

Multi-tier design

A multi-tier design, allowing you to accommodate multiple plants and make the most of your space. The well-spaced shelves provide ample room for plants to grow and receive adequate light.

Why Choose Spider Farmer LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are a type of lighting technology used in indoor gardening and agriculture to promote plant growth. They consist of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit light in specific spectral ranges that are optimal for photosynthesis. Unlike traditional grow lights such as HID (high-intensity discharge) lights or fluorescent lights, LED grow lights are much more energy-efficient, produce less heat, and have a longer lifespan. Additionally, they can be customized to emit specific wavelengths of light, allowing growers to fine-tune the light spectrum to meet the needs of different plants and stages of growth. This makes LED grow lights a popular choice for indoor gardening, hydroponics, and other applications where plants are grown in controlled environments.

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