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2024 Newest Upgrade Spider Farmer® 2’X2′ Complete Grow Tent Kit丨SF1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light丨6” Clip Fan丨4” Ventilation System with Speed Controller

●Suitable for 4 small or 2 medium plants, from growth to flowering. ●Cost-effective and hassle-free way to create an indoor grow room. ●Eliminates the guesswork and stress of determining the right equipment setup for your tent. ●Provides a complete setup, saving you time and effort. What’s included in our carefully selected package: 1 × SF-1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 1 × 2’X2′ Grow Tent, 1 × 4” Inline Duct Fan, 1 × 4” Carbon filter, 1 × 6” Clip Fan, 1 × Flex Air Aluminum Ducting, 3 × Hose Clamps1 × Fan Speed Controller, 1 × Thermometer and Hygrometer, 1 × Timer, 3 × 5 Gallon Grow Bags, 1 × Trellis Plant Netting, 2 x Seed Tray, 2 x Coner Shelves, 2 x Duct Filter Vent Cover, 2 × Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger For more details on why we chose these specific devices, check out the product descriptions. Important Note: SF1000D does not come equipped with dimming or daisy chain features.

2024 Newest Version Spider Farmer® SF1000D LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Samsung Diodes

Original price was: £89.99.Current price is: £79.99.
●Wattage: 100W ; replace HPS: 150W ●PPE: 2.5umol/J ●Diodes: Samsung LM301B ●Coverage: 2X2FT=60X60CM The SF1000D is the most basic LED grow light offered by Spider Farmer. It does not have a dimming function, so the only way to adjust it is by changing its height to suit the various growth stages of plants. If you require a grow light with dimming capabilities, the SF1000 is the best alternative to the SF1000D.  

2024 Spider Farmer® SF1000 Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light

Original price was: £149.99.Current price is: £119.99.
Samsung LM301H EVO ●Wattage: 100W ; replace HPS: 150W ●PPE: 2.5umol/J (Highest efficiency 3.14 μmol/j single diode) ●Coverage: 2X2FT=70X70CM

On Sale | Spider Farmer® SE5000 LED Grow Light+ 120X120X200cm Grow Tent

Original price was: £759.98.Current price is: £641.99.
●Wattage: 450W ; replace HPS: 600W ●PPE: 2.75umol/J ●Diodes: Samsung LM301B;  UV/ IR ●Tent: 4X4FT=120X120X200CM

Spider Farmer 6-Inch Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

Original price was: £128.99.Current price is: £115.99.
【QUIET & POWERFUL】Mixed flow design combined with an EC motor that powers high-quality impellers makes this fan truly energy efficient.

Spider Farmer Programmable 6-Inch Inline Fan Kits with Carbon Filter 402 CFM

【PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER】Mixed flow design combined with an EC motor ensures true energy efficiency, with only 62 watts of power but

Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light for Commercial Indoor Grow

Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 730W; Replace HPS 1000W ●PPE: 2.8umol/J ●Veg Coverage: 5X5FT=150X150cm ●Flower Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120cm

Spider Farmer® 30X-60X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier With LED Light

Discover the hidden secrets of your plants with Spider Farmer’s 30X-60X Magnifier. This essential tool allows you to inspect every detail of your plants, enabling easy identification of potential issues like pests, fungi, and diseases. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious enthusiast, this magnifier is a must-have to closely examine trichomes and ensure the health and vitality of your green companions. Elevate your gardening experience with precision and clarity – get your Spider Farmer Magnifier today!

Spider Farmer® SE3000 300W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Veg Flower

Original price was: £303.99.Current price is: £272.99.
Samsung LM301B Diodes ●Wattage: 300W ; Replace HPS: 450W ●PPE: 2.75umol/J ●Veg Coverage: 3X3FT=90X90CM ●Flower Coverage: 2X2FT=70X70CM