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1. 1680D Oxford Cloth
2. Removable & Waterproof Floor Tray
3. Stable & Strong Steel Construction
4. Observation Window & Ventilation

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Spider Farmer grow tent designed to control light and temperature to create the best growth surroundings for your beloved plants. As a reliable indoor growth partner, adopting a unique 1680D thickness Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar for higher durability and light-proofing. You can check your plants effortlessly at any time through the viewing window.

On Sale | Spider Farmer 140cm x 70cm x 200cm Indoor Grow Tent High Reflective 1680D Grow Box

The 4′ x 2′ size grow tent is ideal for the home grower wanting to keep a low profile without having to build a room from scratch. This size fits perfectly in most standard closets giving you the option for a stealthy hydroponic grow. It can house 2-4 plants full cycle, or 6-8 smaller plants during the vegetative stage. Suggested Lighting: G4500SF2000 Recommended Fan Size: 4-Inch

On Sale | Spider Farmer 70cm x 70cm x 160cm Indoor Grow Tent

Our 2′ x 2′ grow tents are ideal for beginner grower or growers with limited space. It can accommodate 4 small plants or 2 medium plants from veg to flower and is perfect for use as a seedling and clone tent. Suggested Lighting: G3000SE3000SF1000SF1000DSF300 Recommended Fan Size: 4-Inch

On Sale | Spider Farmer 90cm x 90cm x 180cm Indoor Grow Tent 1680D Oxford High Reflective Grow Box

Our 3′ x 3′ grow tents are a perfect size to grow 4-6 plants full-size plants from veg to flower. Suggested Lighting: G3000SE3000 Recommended Fan Size: 4-Inch

On Sale | Spider Farmer® 120cm x 120cm x 200cm Indoor Grow Tent

Our most popular size grow tent, the 4′ x 4′ indoor grow room is a perfect match for both new growers and experienced growers looking to harvest 6+ medium to large plants every 3 months. Suggested Lighting: G5000SE5000SF4000 Recommended Fan Size: 6-Inch

Spider Farmer® 150cm x 150cm x 200cm Indoor Grow Tent

Easily fit 9-12 full-size plants from seed to harvest in the 5'×5' indoor grow room. Suggested Lighting: G8600G1000WSE7000SE1000W Recommended Fan Size: 6-Inch
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