Are led grow lights better than hps?

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Are led grow lights better than hps? When choosing grow lights for your grow room , you have plenty of options. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are an increasingly popular choice. Why?

In the great debate of HPS vs. LED grow lights, you’ll find proponents of all types. Some people have figured out a method that works for them and have great results with LEDs.

To help you find your ideal lighting setup, we created this deep-dive comparison of LED and HID grow lights.

What Is the Difference Between HID and LED Grow Lights?

This isn’t a biased review -but still want to help our customer to choose a best light; both HPS and LED grow lights are really good at different things. It also depends on how much cash you have to spend too.

When it comes to penetration of light for your plants/grow, HID are the clear winners for this – just like the name implies; they are ‘intense’ and are great penetrators (LEDs require moving closer to the plant – about 6″ inches away), but LEDs beat HPS big time when it comes to minimising cooling requirements, as HPS lights can get very hot. Pricing is a mixed bag when it comes to these two lights… HPS are expensive over time, changing the bulbs each time, but LEDs cost more upfront – it depends on how much you’re willing to spend from the get go.

You can expect reliable results from both HPS and LEDs, but there’s more help and knowledge about using HPS than LEDs – in terms of the product reliability, bulbs usually last around 10,000 hours and 18,000 hours for the fancier MH and HPS types we talked about earlier. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) last for around 50,000 – 100,000 hours (which is ~10x better than a HID bulb).

And LEDs use far less energy to produce the same amount of light when compared to HPS or CMH. According to market research, LED lights consume 90 percent less power than HPS grow lights. You have less load on your amperage and electric breakers at home because LED grow lights enhance the energy efficiency of your indoor garden. Then you can save save electricity bills.Another benefit of LED grow light is that they produce less heat than HID’s.

HID and LED grow lights are both amazing in their own way, but it’s subjective to what your plans and goals are… my best advice would be to speak to our team via live chat about individual needs or if your straight ballin’… buy 1 of each and try them out?

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