The secret to extending the life of LED grow lights – Regular maintenance

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LED grow lights are an indispensable tool for indoor planting, but how to effectively extend the service life of LED grow lights and save costs is a headache for many growers. Here, Spider-Farmer will provide you a few methods to keep your LED grow lights running efficiently for a long time, so what are you waiting for, LETS START IT!

What are the consequences of not maintaining LED grow lights?

Many growers have a common misunderstanding: using LED grow lights to grow cannabis can be done once and for all and wait for the harvest. This will not work. If any light is not maintained regularly, it will face aging, various failures, and finally be scrapped. So let’s take a look at the consequences of not maintaining LED lights:

– LED grow lights which lack of maintenance consumes the same electricity but with insufficient light output

– Decrease plant vigor

– the stems and branches of the plant become brittle

– Decrease the resistance of plants to pests and diseases

– LED lights are aging, causing fires


After reading the above possible results, do you think it is a terrible thing not to maintain your LED grow lights? Therefore, all indoor growers need to attach great importance to the maintenance of LED plant lights. Then let’s take a look at how to do it better!

How to maintain your LED grow lights?

1.Clean your LED grow lights

One of the best grow light maintenance methods is to give your LED grow lights a good cleaning after each harvest. Cleaning makes sense for any grow light technique, as even tiny dust accumulations can cause measurable losses in light output.

First, take the light off and inspect for any obvious damage. When cleaning the housing of the grow light, you can carefully wipe it with an ordinary clean handkerchief, then dry it with a dry cloth, and finally apply a layer of protective oil on the surface of the housing. For the inside of grow lights, you can use a soft cloth like microfiber towel, which is essential for cleaning LED grow lights without scratching them to wipe off dust to keep your LED light clean and shiny.


2.Check your LED lights from time to time

When using electrical related products for the first time, you must read the instructions and operate in strict accordance with the methods on the manual.

Taking the voltage as an example, if the voltage is too low, the brightness will not be enough to achieve the ideal fill light effect! Similarly, the voltage will be too high to damage the circuit or light.

Therefore, after receiving the LED grow light, be sure to check whether your lights are in good condition and whether the installation parameters are consistent with the current facilities. After confirmation, it can be used as specified.

If your LED grow light is checked out to be faulty, the Parts of it may need to be replaced, before you proceed, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Always unplug the grow light system from the mains
  2. After removing the grow light, do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid burns
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when changing grow lights


3.Avoid high temperature and humidity

The operating temperature and storage temperature of the LED grow light are very important factors that affect the life of the LED grow light. An environment that is too hot or too humid can damage the electronics inside, reducing the operating time and lifespan of the light. Spider-farmer inline fan, with only 40 watts of power but gives a strong airflow up to 205 CFM, it is your best choice to keep the air circulating in the tent at any time and control the temperature effectively.

The most important point- Choose a premium LED grow light

According to statistics, high-quality LED grow lights only emit about 25% of the radiant heat, ordinary LED lights will release 50% of the heat, and most of the energy entering the LED will be converted into light, not heat, so that you don't have to worry about managing excess ambient heat in your grow space. And high-quality LED grow lights have a long service life, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Spider-farmer has been deeply involved in the LED grow light manufacturing industry for more than ten years. It uses high-quality Samsung diodes, has profound accomplishments in improving product quality and service life. It is definitely a reliable choice.

Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light for Commercial Indoor Grow


Samsung LM301B Diodes

●Wattage: 730W; Replace HPS 1000W
●PPE: 2.8umol/J
●Veg Coverage: 5X5FT=150X150cm
●Flower Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120cm

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