How to Tell Real Samsung LM301B Diode from Fake?

How to Tell Real Samsung LM301B Diode from Fake?

Significant technological advancements in the LED lighting industry can be seen in the past decade. Many growers choose to buy grow lights from made of Samsung diodes in order to improve their harvests. But the harvest turned out to be a big disappointment, for no other reason than the fact that they bought grow lights made of fake Samsung diodes.

If you're planning to build your indoor planter and looking for a Samsung LED, the last thing you want to do is buy a counterfeit product.

We've put together this guide on how to tell the difference between genuine Samsung LEDs and counterfeit ones.

What is Samsung LM301B diode?

Samsung LM301B is a diode that revolutionized the lighting world with its launch in 2017. The Samsung LM301B is probably the most popular LED diode in recent years , and is the successor to the previously popular LM561C.

Choose the right Samsung diode grow light retailer- Avoid Getting Scammed

By reading this article, I believe you have mastered the knowledge required to detect counterfeit Samsung LEDs in many grow lights, and will never be deceived by counterfeit products again. Keep in mind that key considerations in identifying fake Samsung diode are the size and price. Before buying the product, be sure to confirm whether the grow light diode you buy is a genuine Samsung LM301B.

Here, Spider Farmer will provide you with reputable and trustworthy LED grow lights, our lights are all made of genuine Samsung LM301B diodes that meet all the above conditions, you can use them with confidence.

In what aspects can you differentiate Samsung diode?

Samsung LED mainly has two series: 2835 and 3030. The size of 2835 series diodes is 2.8mm x 3.5mm and the 3030 series diodes is 3.0mm x 3.0mm.

The 3030 diode has the thickest, strongest appearance and is the first choice for many high power grow light systems. The 3030 series diodes are also much wider than the 2835 series, measuring 1.9mm, while the 2835 series diodes are 0.7mm thick. When you choose LED grow light, please pay attention to the size of the diode.

Samsung 3030 series are available in different models to customers. The 3030 series has 301H, 301B and 301D LED models, if you purchased a different model, it may not be genuine. Counterfeiters may be smart enough to think you don’t check diode size before buying.

When buying LED grow lights, you need to pay attention to what LED diodes are used and how many LED diodes are used. Higher-priced LED grow lights tend to use a larger number of light beads, so be sure to confirm the number of diodes before purchasing.

When shopping for LED grow lights, you need to know that these diodes don’t come cheap because of their famous branding, ingenious designs, and high-quality products.

Samsung LM301B diodes provide you with a more expensive option and are usually only found in top-of-the-line commercial systems that require the best performance and longevity. If you buy a grow light at a much lower price than the normal price, then you have to be careful, the diode used in this light is likely to be a fake Samsung diode.

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