Why grow tents are important for plant growth?

A grow tent is one of the essential tools for indoor gardening, it provides the most powerful guarantee for your indoor planting all year round. However, many growers who have never used grow tents will wonder why they must use tents for indoor growing? If not, what are the adverse effects? In the next article, we will answer this question for you.



Growers all know that not all seasons have the suitable temperature for plants to grow, and how to successfully help plants grow in the cold winter has become a headache. At this time, the role of the grow tent is reflected. Its thick canvas material can maintain the temperature level in the tent and prevent the plants from being frostbitten.

Keep Pests Out

I don't know if growers have such troubles - in summer, due to the influence of high temperature and humid weather, some pests will appear on the surface of your plants, such as spider mites, aphids, thrips larvae, etc., and even your plants have risk of fungal infestation. However, after using grow tent, you can well isolate the plants from the outside environment, thus avoiding the intrusion of external adverse factors on the plants.

Easy to Set

The grow tent covers a small area and is easy to set up. Even if you are in a big city where the land is expensive, you can set up the tent indoors and plant it at any time. Extremely convenient and practical.Spider Farmer's grow tents are made of oxford canvas and hardened steel, which is strong, thick, stable and not easy to break. And the vents are provided for grow tent fans of various sizes so you can easily inspect your plants through the viewing window at any time.

Efficient Reflection of Light

Most planting tents are made of reflective polyester film material, which can reflect most of the light emitted from the LED grow light, so that the surface and inner layers of the plant can receive enough light to prevent slow growth caused by uneven light exposure.

Circulate Clean Air

Many grow tents are equipped with air filtration systems that enhance the circulation of clean air in the tent. The filtration system draws air from the inside of the grow tent through carbon-activated filters and releases it outside the tent. This process can effectively keep the air in the grow tent fresh and remove odors.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Pot, Light, Plant For Indoor Grow?

Some people know the exact number of plants they want to grow, and they adjust the size of their growing space. Others have a specific planting area to work with, and they want to fill it with the right amount of plants. In either case this video is very helpful, in this video we show you guys different sized grow tents. We tell you how many plants can fit in each grow tent and tell you inline fans and LED grow lights that match the tent, so you can choose the right equipment for you indoor grow.

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