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Commercial Grower

Spider Farmer supplies industrial plants farmers with the horticulture plants expand light solutions. Savings in power as well as expenses, to make sure that greater margins.


Spider Farmer is very professional Manufacturer for plants LED grow lights and grow tent for 12 years. Famous brand , high quality products with competitive price.Our factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and fully-equipped as well.Large-scale warehouses and after-sales service centers are set up in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany and Russia.All of our products have CE/ROHS/ETL/DLC certifications. Various kind of models greatly meets the different needs from personal planting to vertical planting.


Samsung Official Partner

Check on Samsung website for the official partner.


Local service

Spider farmer has local warehouse and repair center in UK


5 - Years Warranty

Excellent after-sales service: 5-years warranty.

Commercial LED Grow Light

As an professinal indoor grow equipment brand, we offer led grow light for all types of scenes

SF4000 Power: 450W
Samsung lm301B(UV+IR)
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2. 7umol/J
PPF 1217umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 600W
SE7000 Power: 730W
Samsung lm301B
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2.8umol/J
PPF 2044umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 1000W
SE5000 Power : 480W
Samsung lm301B
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2. 8umol/J
PPF 1368umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 600W
G8600 Power : 860W
Bridgelux Diodes
Cover 120x120cm
PPE 2. 8umol/J
PPF 2391umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 1000W
G1000 Power : 1000W
Bridgelux Diodes CO2 LED
Cover 150x150cm
PPE 2. 9umol/J
PPF 2772umol/S
Replace MH/HPS: 1000W

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