Can I Use A Regular Lamp to Replace My 
LED Grow Light?

led grow light

Can I Use A Regular Lamp to Replace
 My LED Grow Light?

If you are a novice grower who is trying to grow indoors for the first time, you may ask these questions: what is the difference between ordinary LED lights and LED grow lights? They are the same LED type lights, can I use ordinary LED lights to replace LED grow lights? In order to solve your doubts, I will explain the difference of the two lights for you from several different aspects.

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Power Intensity

The intensity of light helps increase the rate of photosynthesis because it ensures that plants have enough energy to grow. At the same time, a sufficiently efficient plant light has excellent penetration, so that the plant can receive the required light most effectively within the coverage area of the light. There are different grow lights on the market, and they have different intensity levels that affect the power they produce.


Can ordinary LED lights simulate sunlight? The answer is unquestionably NO, sunlight consists of a spectrum of various wavelengths. And some LED lights only emit specific wavelengths, which means they may not have the same effect on plants as the sun. Most LED growth lights contain a specific proportion of red light and blue light. Blue light promotes the growth of plants. Red light plays an important role in the flower stage of plants, and both are indispensable.

Dimming Function

LED grow lights are usually equipped with a dimming box, which is convenient for you to adjust the light in the range of 10% to 100% according to the different stages of plant growth. Dimming not only promotes the growth of plants, but also effectively saves electricity bills and avoids excessive electricity consumption for you. However, ordinary LED lights do not have this scientific dimming function, so it is the most sensible choice to use grow lights specially designed for plant growth. From the above arguments, it’s easy to see professional LED grow lights should be the first choice for indoor growers, and ordinary LED lights cannot replace LED grow lights. Mars Hydro's grow lights follow the rules of plant growth, use high-quality Samsung or Bridgelux chips, support dimming, and equipped with full spectrum. It is a brand of LED grow light with excellent reputation, quality and price in the market. If you are interested in our grow light or have any question, don’t be hesitate to E-mail us!

Heat Dissipation

As we all know, when electrical energy is converted into light energy, heat energy is produced. However ordinary LED lights actually emit a higher percentage of heat than LED lights specifically designed to help plants grow, and this heat can adversely affect the plant, possibly causing burns to the plant leaves, and possibly even causing the plant to stop growing. Some high-quality grow lights will be equipped with metal aluminum heat sinks to speed up the heat dissipation of the grow lights and improve the planting efficiency. Such grow lights are your best choice.


The lifespan of good-quality grow lights is usually around 50,000 hours, while ordinary LED lights often fail to achieve such a long usage time. But if you choose to use a grow light, you must often take care of it, because its function determines that it will release more energy than ordinary LED lights.

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