How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Warm in Winter

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Winter is a quite hard season for plants, and February is the coldest period in the UK of the year, with an average temperature of only 0 to 7 degrees Celsius. And the severe cold will freeze the cells in a plant, causing damage and interrupting the pathways for nutrients and water to flow, and even causing the plant to die. Therefore, many growers may be worried: How should they help the plants they have worked so hard to survive in the winter? I’m sure you don’t want your plant-growing career to be interrupted this season, right? Please don’t worry, Spider Farmer will Provide you with some tips in this blog to keep your plants warm in winter!

Move Your Plants to a Warmer Place

The first thing you need to do is move your plants from places where they are prone to wind (beside a window, next to a door, etc.) to a warmer place indoors, such as next to a fireplace, the innermost corner of a room, etc. If you have a grow tent or greenhouse, that’s great, and keeping plants in an enclosed grow space during the winter is a great option.

Keep Your Plants Away from the Floor

If you’ve ever touched the floor in winter you will know how cold it can be. Your plants will catch a cold if placed directly on the ground. To prevent this from happening, here is an easy way to insulate your plants from the floor with a layer of plastic bubble wrap. Or you can go to a store near you and buy a professional insulation kit so your plants don’t have to suffer from the cold anymore!

Use a Heat Mat

What is a heat mat? A heat mat is a device that is placed under a seed tray or pot to provide an optimum temperature for seed germination, which is around 21-24°C. Besides, a heat mat for plants mimics the warm soil in spring and can not only help your soil warm up during cold winters and can also give the seeds the signal to germinate, greatly speeding up germination and allowing you to start seedlings earlier.

Then, it is very important to choose a high-quality heat mat. The seedling heat mat of Spider Farmer comes with the most advanced design, and can quickly heat the root area by 50-77°F (10-25°C) above the ambient air temperature within 2 minutes. At the same time, the outer layer is made of heavy-duty PVC material, and the intermediate radiant far-infrared heating film is wrapped in a double-layer insulating PET layer, which is safe and durable, not easy to be damaged. Spider Farmer heat mat is very suitable for cold winter, helping you provide a warm growth environment for your plants, and promote better germination and growth of plants.

Use LED Grow Light at Night

The sudden drop in temperature at night in winter is also a challenge for plant survival, and many growers will ignore this problem. The best way to solve this problem is to turn on the grow lights at night to provide some heat to the plants and resist the night cold.

Use a Space Heater

Of course, the most direct way is to use a heater to heat the growing space, you can go to the local store to buy one. However, it should be noted that this method is more costly. You not only need to pay for the purchase of the machine, but also need to bear the higher electricity bill, so it is only suitable for growers with a relatively large budget.

Wrap Your Plants Pot with Aluminum Foil

Could you think of a second use for aluminum foil? We use it in cooking to conserve heat because it is a reflective material. It works just as well in growing, if you wrap it around or under your pots, the sun will warm them up as it hits and keep the whole area warmer for longer.

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